Tippy - Email alerts to In Basket status

Tippies can be quickly adopted with immediate workflow benefits...
  • Email alerts to In Basket Status
Some Connect Care prescribers work a few weeks (e.g., inpatient service) alternating with weeks off clinical work. The clinical information system (CIS) In Basket is important to check daily when on-service, but results and other messages will be less frequent when off-service.

It can be useful to configure the CIS to provide an email alert to new, or accumulating, In Basket tasks. The alert email can go to an address of one's choice because no patient information is revealed.

To set this up, go to the "Personalize" menu within the In Basket activity in Hyperspace.

Select the "Reminder Emails" tab in the popup that appears.

You can set the email to use for alerts, the frequency of alerts and whether specific In Basket folders should be used to trigger alerts.

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