Tippy #22 - Discharge vs Inpatient Orders

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  • Discharge Orders vs Inpatient Orders
Inpatient and outpatient order catalogues are not the same. Some order items are available in one context but not the other. This works most of the time. However, there may be situations when the purpose of ordering is to organize interventions from within hospital for actions intended outside the hospital.

If outpatient actions are part of a plan of care for when the patient leaves hospital, these can be lined up as "Discharge Orders" within the "Discharge Navigator":

Discharge Orders have access to the full outpatient order catalogue. They do not take effect immediately, rather activating at the time of discharge. Of course they can also be modified (or removed) later. In this way, one can plan for things like specialty follow-up, but confirm details of the request at the time of discharge. Remember to "Save Work - Complete Later" (Save-Ready) for discharge orders entered earlier in a hospital stay.

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