Tippy #31 - Time Shortcuts

Tippies can be quickly adopted with immediate workflow benefits...
  • Date and Time and Interval Shortcuts
Users often encounter fields where a date, time or interval needs to be specified. Examples include start and end dates for orders, visits and other scheduled events. A few shortcuts make it easy to place common values with minimum effort.

Time Shortcut


N for Now

N is the time right now

T for Today

T-1 is yesterday

W for Week

W-2 is 14 days ago

M for Month

M-1 is this day last month

MB for Month Begin

MB-1 is the first day of last month

ME for Month End

ME-1 is the last day of last month

Y for Year

Y-40 is this day forty years ago

For a reminder about these, use the F1 key, then look to the top drop-down menu in the popup that appears and select "F1 Help" view. 

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