Dictation - Manage the Mic!

We've heard back from a number of Dragon Medical One (DMO) and PowerMic Mobile (PMM) early adopters. These supports for in-system dictation a great!

But we have been having some problems with DMO freezing. Possible underlying configuration issues are being investigated and fixed, with good progress.

In the course of studying system optimizations, it has been discovered that some DMO slowdowns relate to PMM being left in an open/on state even after the actual dictation is finished. An "open mic" is indicated in DMO with the microphone status icon continuing to show green status. If the mic is on while the user is involved in non-dictation activities, DMO continues to "listen" and try to process sounds for commands or dictation. This can affect things like server connections.

Let's manage the mic, and encourage colleagues likewise: turn PMM microphones off (red status)  when not actively dictating.

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