eSafety Alert - Dosing vs Recorded Weight

eSafety alerts highlight CIS phenomena that require particular attention...
  • Note Dosing vs Recorded Weight
Some orders (particularly for neonates, infants and children) are adjusted to patient weight.

The latest recorded weight (vitals) may reflect hydration, edema or other clinical factors. A medication dosing weight can be declared at admission (and periodically updated) to assure appropriate adjustments despite weight fluctuations.

Hovering over the vitals section of the Patient Storyboard allows a quick check to see if a dosing weight has been specified.

Be careful when ordering weight-adjusted medications. The default selected weight may not be best for the clinical circumstance. Explicitly select the weight to be used in calculations.

This eSafety alert is particularly important to Pediatrics, NICU, PICU contexts.

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