Printing from Personal Devices

It is unlikely that a personal computing device (notebook, tablet or iPad) will be able to find or map to printers in clinical practice areas. There is a work-around if a report (e.g. After Visit Summary) needs to be printed or saved for printing.

This involves first finding a part of Hyperspace where a print command is available. We recommend having the patient chart of interest open and at the "Chart Review" tab. The top right of Hyperspace will have a "Print" command and drop-menu. Select the "Print" option to access a popup dialog that allows for selection of the printer to be used in the current Hyperspace session:

Chose the printer of interest and close the dialog. This printer will be used when printing notes, lists, reports, orders, letters, etc. 

If one does not have a local printer configured, it is always possible to print to "pdf" file format (digital printing), save the resulting file, then attach it to a secure email message.

  • Initiate a print command.
  • Look for the "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer name from the list of available printers. 
  • When prompted with a dialog seeking a location to save the pdf file, click on the drop-down list to the right of "Save in:" and select the storage device for your personal device, then seeking out the desired folder and giving the pdf file an appropriate name.
  • --> it is essential that this workflow only be performed with approved personal devices having encrypted storage; and that pdf files be deleted as soon as the purpose (e.g. billing data transfer) is complete.

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