Tippy #01 - Chart Search

Tippies can be quickly adopted with immediate workflow benefits...
  • CTRL + Spacebar = Search
The "Search" feature (top right in Hyperspace, as well as Patient Storyboard in Chart) can be a big help. When no chart is open, it speeds opening of workspaces or other menu-accessible functions that otherwise would require multiple menu-clicks (e.g., search "phone book").

When a patient chart has been opened, the Search function makes it easy to jump between activities within a chart (e.g., search "problem"). Search also supports finding specific entries within a chart (e.g., search "diabetes"). Hovering over a search result gives more information; double-clicking jumps to the activity or information. The keyboard shortcut is worth trying and remembering.

If mouth is to microphone (Dragon Medical One), pause and say "chart search" or "search chart".

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