Tippy #03 - Fast Notes

Tippies can be quickly adopted with immediate workflow benefits...
  • F2, Spacebar, Enter = Fast SmartText
SmartPhrases and SmartText can make documentation a breeze. It is possible to complete a complex note without taking fingers off the keyboard.

Commonly used with notes and communications, Smart Stuff, sets the form and flow of a note, using active placeholders (e.g., SmartLinks, SmartLists) for patient-specific details.

  • F2 jumps from one smart item or placeholder (***) to the next.
  • When in a SmartList, use the spacebar to select list item(s) and use the enter key to move to the next smart item.
  • Yellow lists allow only one selection whereas blue lists allow multiple selections.

If using a pointing device within lists, left-click (=spacebar) to select and right-click (=enter) to proceed.

If mouth is to microphone (Dragon Medical One), say "next wildcard" to move from item to item, then left-click to select and right-click to proceed.

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