Tippy #06 - Right-Click Powers

Tippies can be quickly adopted with immediate workflow benefits...
  • Right-Click Powers
Pointing devices (mouse, trackpad, pen, etc.) are used to move around in Hyperspace. These have a main (left) button or equivalent (e.g., one-finger tap on trackpad, tap-n-hold on iPad, etc.). This works to select or activate whatever the pointer is pointing to.

Pointing devices also have a secondary (right) button or equivalent (e.g., double finger tap on trackpad).

This works differently in different places, but always a time-saver:
  • Lists and icons - brings up a context-sensitive popup menu-list of the things one can do (e.g. favourite, edit, etc.) related to the item pointed to.
  • Order-entry - right-click anywhere in an order detail box 'accepts' the order (instead of clicking on the Accept button).
  • NoteWriter - when working with tri-state buttons (finding with + button for positive and - button for negative), a right-click is the equivalent of clicking the - button.
  • SmartLists - when working with SmartText and selecting items in a SmartList, a right-click is the equivalent of the Enter-key for moving to the next editable item in the SmartText.
There's more! Experiment with right-click (or equivalent) to learn all the ways to speed up without taking one's hand off the pointing device.

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