Tippy #26 - Using Calculators for COVID-19 Assessments

Tippies can be quickly adopted with immediate workflow benefits...
  • Finding COVID-19 Calculator Aids
A number of metrics, measures and decision-rules are emerging to help recognize, prognosticate and triage COVID-19 syndromes.

An excellent COVID-19 measures compendium is available within all Connect Care contexts. Interactive calculators can be used to generate scores for care planning and documentation:
  • From within Hyperspace, go to the "Evidence Library" top-level toolbar, click to expose the options, then select "MDCalc".
  • When the MD+Calc website opens, look to the top-right and select the "COVID-19 Resource Center" link. 
  • This will open a page giving access to CURB-65, SCAP, SOFA, SIRS and other scores. All walk you through online assessments.

The Evidence Library gives access to many point-of-care knowledge resources.

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