eSafety Alert - Other Labs in Results Review

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  • Lab Results in 'Other' Results Review
Early in the Connect Care launch, it was appreciated that some laboratory results were not filing to clinically expected categories and subcategories of the Results Review tables. Tests with unique identifiers not yet recognized would appear in an 'Other' category.

Physicians need to be careful to not miss potentially important information while test mappings are being optimized (work progresses quickly but could take another week).

It is always possible to review results chronologically and to use search or filters to find a result of interest. If Results Review is used (convenient organization of many results in one place), then a simple technique can clarify where any 'Other' results belong. This is demonstrated in a very short video (1 min):
Even after test mappings have been optimized, there is always risk that a new interface with a new lab provider will result in a test that does not map to the outline at first. So this technique is good to remember.

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