Tippy #14 - SmartStuff Butler

Tippies can be quickly adopted with immediate workflow benefits...
  • SmartStuff Butler
Connect Care users know that a lot can be achieved with "SmartStuff" when documenting. But there are so many SmartPhrases, SmartLinks, SmartLists, etc. to choose from... let alone remember. One's own SmartStuff can build to a very long list.

Enter the "Butler". This very useful tool is readily available as a button above most text editing areaz (if not, look for "List my phrases" in the Note menu, or enter ".my"):

Let's say one wants to enter a SmartLink for the patient's admitting diagnosis (link will automatically substitute in the correct diagnosis). Click on the Butler to open a useful SmartStuff tool:

Make sure that "System SmartPhrases" and "Smart Links" are selected at the right. Enter enough text in the search box to get a match (you may have to experiment with different ways of finding the item you seek, such as "admi", "diagnosis", "admi dx") and be sure to select the "Full Text" checkbox to the right of the search box so that both the abbreviation and the user-friendly SmartStuff label is searched. You can then search and select the SmartLink of interest and have it inserted in your text.

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