Tippy #17 - Changing Jobs

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  • Changing Jobs
Different users can log on to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) and experience quite different user interfaces. Those physicians assigned more than one "job" template have the ability to change both "job" and "context". This may confuse.

A job maps to a provider template giving access to a particular Epic toolkit, user interface, or "module". Examples include Lumens for endoscopists, Beacon for oncologists and OpTime for anesthesiologists. Physicians doing work that might require use of more than one toolkit must choose the job they wish to log into to for a particular practice setting.

In addition, some 'jobs' may provide access to more than one context or 'department'; selected as the next step in the logon sequence. In general, pick the most general virtual department (e.g., zone general internal medicine):

So, what's the Tip? Happily, once job and context have been selected once, they default to the same value at the next logon and one can simply hit the Enter key twice. If one alternates between multiple jobs or contexts, the commonly selected ones are the defaulted to pick from.

And, once logged on, it is easy to change both job and context from the top right logoff drop-down menu:

This Tip applies only to those physicians with multiple job options in Connect Care.

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