Finding Reporting Workbench Reports

Reporting Workbench (RWB) is a powerful inquiry tool that can generate real-time clinical, operational, quality and research reports in a variety of formats, with support for drilling down to supporting data and taking action with clinical tools.

RWB is opened as an activity in Hyperspace by searching for "My Reports" in the Epic menu, the top Toolbar Button or via Chart Search (top right search box). All prescribers have access to RWB.

There are two ways to search for system, shared or personal RWB reports. The RWB Library tab has a keyword search tool complemented by filters that can be selected from the right column of the Library display.

Users may not appreciate that reports can also retrieved via an Analytics Catalogue button revealed when a Dashboard title is selected in the My Dashboards activity. There are similar filtering capabilities.

Those who most commonly use Dashboards should learn the Analytics Catalogue because it can retrieve a wider range of analytics tools, including dashboard components and SlicerDicer models. Those who specialize in RWB for clinical reporting do well to build proficiency in RWB Library search functions.

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