Tippy - Keep Important Information to hand in the Sidebar

Tippies can be quickly adopted with immediate workflow benefits...
  • Sidebar Conveniences
Upon opening a chart in Hyperspace, most device screens have enough room to display a rightward "Sidebar" where content remains visible as one moves through different sections of the chart. If not immediately displayed, a separator bar can be selected to expand, collapse or resize the Sidebar area. The Sidebar has one or more Tabs at the top to help organize different types of information selected for Sidebar display.

One or more chart "objects" can be attached to the Sidebar to keep the information in the foreground while working through navigators, activities, notes or orders in the main chart display area. For example, while in Chart Review, right-click on the row of an item of interest and then select "Display in Chart Sidebar" from the popup menu that appears. The report will be added to the tabs at the top of the Sidebar.

Other options become available when information is attached to the Sidebar. For example, click on the down-arrow in the tab to expose a popup with an option for "floating" the tab so that it can be dragged and positioned to a second monitor.

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